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We appreciate your interest in a PDQ Building. We hope that our web site will be helpful. PDQ Buildings can be constructed anywhere in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana tristate Greater Cincinnati area.

PDQ Buildings is a privately owned & operated organization that believes in quality & keeps our customers at the forethought of every project decision. We are continually striving for excellence in the field of pole & steel structures. PDQ Buildings was established in 1983 and has been growing ever since. At the beginning we constructed only basic structures, but over the years we have evolved into a full service construction firm capable of designing & erecting buildings only limited to what the mind can imagine. We pride ourselves on the fact that a huge percentage of our business is either repeat or referral. It means a great deal to us knowing that we must be doing something right, when our customers return again & again for a 2nd or 15th building & that they have enough confidence in our work to refer their family, friends & coworkers to us for their building needs.

PDQ Buildings is a division of MKS Building Systems. To you, our customer, this has distinct advantages. First, through combined purchasing power we can buy the best materials available at better prices and pass the savings onto you. Second, our vast knowledge of pole and steel structures enables us to give you the right building with the right features and the very fastest possible, quality job.

By viewing our web site many different building styles and colors will be brought to your attention. While many pole buildings look alike from the outside, there are very big differences in the way they are constructed.

We are very proud of are buildings we construct and if in the neighborhood we will be more than happy to take you for a tour of a few completed projects at your convenience. We believe that after you have had the opportunity to look at our construction, you will be able to witness for yourself the PRICE, DEPENDABILITY, QUALITY: that our name stands for.

PDQ Buildings is a fully Bonded and Insured company whose employees & any applicable subcontractors are all covered by Workman's Compensation.

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