Roofing types

ABC Color Chart

PDQ Buildings offers many different types of steel & shingle roofing materials in a variety of colors & styles.

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Siding types

Vinyl Sided Residential Building w/ corner Porch
Metal Building Solid Color
Metal Building Two-Tone Siding

Siding options are limitless. We offer everything from steel, brick, block, stone veneer, vinyl, many types of wood & many many more.

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Overhead Doors

Our sister company is PDQ Garage Doors, we offer a full line of top quality C.H.I. and Haas garage doors along with top quality Liftmaster and Linear garage door openers. We can also custom make garage doors to meet a specific need our customers might have.

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Sliding Doors

Most of PDQ Buildings sliding doors are jobsite fabricated to fit a specific opening. The frame of the doors are usually made of wood, to resist future bending & misuse. Steel frame sliding doors are also available upon request. Sliding doors can be skinned with almost any type of material imaginable. Windows, wall vents & even service doors can be installed into any sliding door. Sliding doors can be designed to be a single or double door.

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Service doors

Steel Solid 3'0" x 6'8" Entry Door.
3'0" x 6'8" Steel Entry Door

Many different types &/or sizes of service doors are available. Service doors can be solid or have glass per customers request. Double service doors are also available.

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PDQ Buildings offers a full line of standard windows. Just about any type, style, size & brand of windows are available upon request.

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Prepainted steel cupolas are availible in a wide variety of colors to match roofing & siding material. Vents &/or windows are standard on all cupolas. Weather veins (many styles available) are usually installed at the peak of the cupola for a small accent to set off the ridge line. Custom cupolas can be fabricated to match a picture or existing cupola.

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Solar Guard vapor barrier insulation is installed on many PDQ Buildings under steel roofing to control condensation. PDQ Buildings offers full insulation packages for every building available.

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Finished interiors

Interior walls & ceiling of every PDQ Building are easy to finish off with steel liner, drywall & many other types board materials. In most cases minimal framing may be needed before walls & ceiling are finished off. PDQ Buildings can finish the interior of your new building or give you tips if you decide to tackle the project yourself.

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Stall packages

PDQ Buildings offers many different brand name stall packages such as Plyco & Classic Equine. Stalls can be made solid on all sides or grills may be installed for added ventilation & sense of openness. All stall packages are available in different dimensions to fit any certain space. Standard PDQ Building stalls are constructed with all pressure treated material on the bottom half & have galvanized grills on the top half. Custom stall packages are also available with many different types of wood & powder coated grills.

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Stall options

PDQ Buildings offers a full line of stall accessories including, but not limited to: swing out feeders & grain bins, rubber footing mats, exterior dutch doors, interior sliding doors, automatic watering systems & wall vents.

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Dutch door assemblies

Steel dutch doors are available with colors to match steel siding & roofing panels. 1/2 Dutch doors can be installed for ventillaiton & veiwing purposes. Wooden dutch doors can be custom fabricated to meet just about any paticular need or customer request.

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PDQ Buildings can pour the concrete floor in your new building, approaches, access driveways, service door pads & sidewalks. Almost any type of concrete thickness, type & finishes are available.

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Eave side & gable end overhangs are available in a variety of different soffit & facia materials. Overhangs can be vented or nonvented per customer request. Standard PDQ Building overhangs are finished with a center vented vinyl soffit. Most overhand & facias are available in many different colors.

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Porches & sheds

Open sided eave or gable porches & sheds are available in many different sizes, heights & configurations with different roof styles & decorative columns. Porches & sheds can have a finished ceiling or be open to roof system above. A porch or shed added to one side of your new PDQ Building can make quite an astetic statement.

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Seamless gutters

PDQ Buildings installs seamless gutters & downspouts on most buildings. Even though gutters are not structuraly necessary, they are a great way to keep rain water away from the base of a wall on buildings. Draintile attached to downspouts to run the water to a point in the distance are also available. Seamless gutters & downspouts come in a wide variety of colors for 5" & 6" size.

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Ventilation systems

Many different types & styles of vents are availble such as the following: Gable vents, Cuoplas, Continuous ridge vents, Vented soffits, fixed & openable walls vents, ect. If you have a different ventilation in mind give us a call & we can work something out to incorporate it into your new PDQ Building.

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As a full service builder, PDQ Buildings offers almost every construction service including electric, plumbing & HVAC. These services can be contracted by us or left for our customers to finish on their own. In most cases PDQ Buildings will offer these services for commercial &/or larger more detailed projects, this is due to the fact that for smaller projects our customers can save some money by contracting the minimal electric, plumbing or HVAC themselves.

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